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Eva Wu

After learning that our school was holding a winter clothing drive for the Mishkeegogamang First Nation Community, we knew that would be our perfect opportunity to give art a heart in Northern Canada! The Mishkeegogamang community faces incredible hardships such as addiction and poverty year round, but things get especially tough in the cold Canadian winter without sufficient infrastructure to keep everyone warm and healthy. Although we are not yet doctors, businesswomen, and politicians that can provide medical treatment, jobs, and infrastructure to his community, we wanted to help in the best way we know, through art. 

Northern Canada has some of the longest, darkest winters and therefore some of the highest mental health and suicide rates in the world. Therefore we picked 20 of our most uplifting and inspiring photos, and coupled each one with a word that conveys a positive emotion. Originally we were only going to print 4 photo books, but after the friendly folks at Black's told us that we could print on the "discontinued colour" photo books for a discounted price, we jumped at the chance to print 2 extra books on a beautiful baby blue book! 

Our teacher at school will be dropping off the books to the representatives from the community who are holding the clothing drive this weekend, and we hope they will update us on where the books are installed. The community has a health centre and a healing lodge (to treat people recovering from addictions) so the books will likely end up in either or both of those worthy buildings!

For more info on the Mishkeegogamang community, click here

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Gabrielle Foss, Jennifer Xu, and Eva Wu with the books for the Mishkeegogamang community!

Gabrielle Foss, Jennifer Xu, and Eva Wu with the books for the Mishkeegogamang community!