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Objectives of Nain in Focus

Eva Wu

With just 4 weeks to go until our Nain in Focus workshop, here is an outline of the goals and objectives we hope to meet during our time in Nunatsiavut. 

Raise awareness around mental wellness and deliver basic mental health education to participants 

  1. Raise awareness and educate youth and the greater community about holistic mental wellness, in a way that is culturally appropriate, tailored to the community, and delivered in collaboration with community members
  2. Reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness through meaningful and guided conversations
  3. Connect youth to preexisting mental health resources in their community
  4. Introduce strategies for self-care and stress-relief
  5. Engage in activities to boost self-esteem amongst youth, and cohesion in the greater community

Provide recreation and leadership-based programming to participants

  1. Teach photography/videography to improve self-expression and digital communication skills, as a means of self-care and stigma reduction
  2. Provide sports-based programming as a means of boosting self-esteem and teamwork among youth
  3. Introduce strategies for self-care and stress-relief, emphasizing cultural and outdoor activities

Empower the community to continue mental health initiatives

  1. Help youth develop ideas for projects that can be led by youth in the community after the NIF workshop is over
  2. Provide ongoing encouragement and support for these initiatives

Stay tuned for more updates about the lead-up and delivery of this exciting workshop!