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Nain in Focus Post #2

Eva Wu

Written by Ashley Cummings

Our second full day in Nain had a late start due to a late night. We had sat focused around the table in our kitchen, each of us doing a spectrum of homework, video editing, and writing. In the morning, we started with a team meeting outlining the days’ events. We felt a giddy excitement as we discussed the activities planned, and it only grew as we walked to the Jeremias Sillet Memorial Community Centre.

    We had a wonderful group of 15 people for our kick-off event, which began with games of volleyball and Gabi initiating games of Wa and Huckle Buckle. Loud laughs were shared as everyone enjoyed the silliness throughout the gym. The crew began introductions by sharing quirky and unique facts about ourselves, which was accompanied by tasty treats and followed by Eva’s three photography tips. These composition tricks included the rule of thirds (how dividing a photo into three makes it pleasing to the eye), framing (giving the viewer a window to look through), and viewing the subject from all angles to change your perspective.

    After our introduction to photography, we had an introduction of a different kind: to our mental health. Patrick lead a stand-up, sit-down activity with yes/no questions relating to awareness of mental health. This ensured that all participants realized that although they may not have a mental illness, everyone has a state of mental health that has to be cared for. This activity provides a solid foundation for the week of learning ahead of us.

    Finally, we concluded our program kick-off with games of volleyball and basketball, getting everyone active and connecting with each other further. The NIF team felt satisfied as we walked back to our apartment, where we spent plenty of time enjoying good food and good company as Kaila - a key figure in organizing Nain in Focus - joined us for dinner. Originally from British Columbia, Kaila has been in Nunatsiavut for four years and is a dedicated community member, working to better the community as a whole.

    As our first day of programming came to an end, the team sat and once again discussed our plan of action for the next session. Ashley is elated as she is able to provide something that she wishes she had access to as she was growing up. Happiness and thankfulness is felt by each of us for being able to run another program and reach more youth, combating stigma throughout.

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