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Nain in Focus Post #6

Eva Wu

Written by Ashley Cummings

Friday, November 4th at 7:30pm at the Jeremias Sillitt Memorial Community Centre gym there will be a closing event for Nain in Focus with photos by participants being displayed and traditional throat singing and drum dancing

“Connection” is a word that ties into the many themes and activities explored today. It began with Craig Wyatt, a Level II youth that is an avid Nain in Focus participant, being very engaging with discussions relating to Ashley’s previous struggles with depression and ensuring that she knew that her struggles do not define her.

Inuit games are another activity that displayed the cultural connection that ties into mental health, developing deeper passion for Inuit culture while being active to promote self-care. While this allows for self-care and sport, it also allows youth to find others to connect with while playing the games that are embedded within culture.

Finally, one of the most deeply connecting aspects of Nain in Focus is our presentation by Maria Merkuratsuk. She shared her life story, touching on the many topics that we have developed over the course of our program. She shared the difficult times of her life as well as the good times, all the while praising the North for its endless beauty. She spoke about the people and things that gave her hope during hard times, likening difficulty to darkness and the hope as a candle. Everything can be seen with the candle and it gets one through the darkness.

Those present during Maria’s presentation gave her their complete attention, listening to her story and advice. The room was enveloped in love and it was deeply felt by each person within it. Connection was deepened between youth and Maria with attentiveness and gratitude exchanged between.

To cap off our evening, “warm fuzzies” were exchanged with youth writing personal notes to each other to show the love and connection felt between friends and family. With a sense of community building and connections deepening, love is felt throughout with many individuals admiring one another for their unique traits and interests. The relationships being developed further will continue strengthening with love, gratitude, and positivity and the entire NIF team is in awe for being able to witness such emotion.