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"Art with Heart" Becomes "North in Focus"


"Art with Heart" Becomes "North in Focus"

Eva Wu

North in Focus Grass in Kangiqsujuaq

The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west. In our case, Art with Heart is setting in the south, and a new initiative is rising in the north. After experiencing great success with our Northern Lights project in Kangiqsujuaq, we have decided to rebrand our organization. This is in order to more effectively reflect our focus on promoting mental health in the Canadian Arctic. 

Enter "North in Focus". This new identity encapsulates our desire to use digital media to showcase both the beauty and the struggles of Inuit communities. North in Focus will continue to lead workshops for youth, where students are empowered to use photos and videos to share their stories and spark conversations about mental health. While knowledge and memories live on in the minds of workshop participants, the art they create serves to teach and impact other community members.  

We are also looking forward to incorporating other methods of mental health promotion into these workshops! For example, we will be placing a bigger emphasis on sport in our next project. After witnessing how important sports are in the lives of youth in Kangiqsujuaq - and learning about Clara Hughes' work with Right to Play - we are confident that incorporating sport into the program will allow us to reach more students. I can say from personal experience that engaging in athletics is a stress-reliever, a confidence booster, and so much more. I am excited for this next step in the ongoing development our mental health workshop program.

On yet another positive note, we have begun planning our next project! This workshop will take place in Nain, Nunatsiavut. Therefore, the project name will reflect our goal of putting "Nain in Focus". We are currently in conversation with youth in Nain so we can get this ball rolling, and customize the program to the needs and interests of students at the Jens Haven Memorial School.

Cheers to the dawn of the next stage in the life of this organization,