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WANTED: NIF Ambassadors!

Eva Wu

Our organization is growing with the addition of Nain In Focus, Ashley, and really awesome developmental plans... we are in need of some ambassadors!

We are looking for individuals interested in helping the NIF team spread awareness and learn more about the potential of our organization from both Northern and Southern perspectives.

We are looking for Ambassadors to participate through suggestions of ideas, collaboration, and spreading our network.

The main responsibility of a NIF ambassador will be to share our content on social media, with various tasks that may change throughout your involvement and through our development as an organization. Currently, we are asking ambassadors to plan a screening of our documentary Northern Lights following its release on August 10th, and/or to share our film on the 10th. Although this is a task that we prefer to be completed, it is not a mandatory task to be a North In Focus Ambassador.

Any further questions can go to

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador, here is the application link:

We will be in touch.

North In Focus Team