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Eva Wu

Moo during the 2016 Nain in Focus campfire

Moo during the 2016 Nain in Focus campfire


At times in this busy world, it can be difficult to hear your own voice, let alone stand out amongst other voices. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in life; sometimes it is hard to remember who you are. As encapsulated in a speech during Nain in Focus, by Moo, an enthusiastic participant of Nain in Focus who remains a close friend of NIF, sometimes you just need to sing to be heard.

I’m happy to be here.
I believe you guys are awesome today.
In my journey I’ve learnt that life isn’t always easy, life is a struggle at many times but there’s always a chance to let it be easy and remember, believe in yourself and have courage and learn more and try to keep yourself busy. Life shouldn’t be so bad. Smile and lift yourself up and don’t be afraid. To those who are having a hard time in life, you just need to go for a walk and then take a deep breath. We need to hear your voice above all the other voices and above all the distractions in this world. Your words bring life and your voice speaks promises, your words bring love and light. Let’s share our love in this world.
There is no way for yourself to bring yourself down. If you feel like breaking down and crying, it’s okay to cry; you need to release that. I’ve written this because I’ve seen my friends feel the same way. I have hope and a golden heart. Open up your heart and let the sun shine in, tungasugitsi ammalu tungasutsiagitsi, meaning be open and welcoming.
I am proud of where I am today and you should be proud too. Everyone here has a lot of heart; don’t be afraid to shine. Thank you for listening so closely; it means so much to me… okay… sing.

~Simeonie (Moo) Merkuratsuk on the last day of the 2016 Nain in Focus workshops